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Waves and Sand

Friends change.








A story of friendship, love, and how they change over time.


We handled post-production on Waves and Sand.

We were provided an edit for the film and asked to perform final sound mixing, color correction and grading, and special effects. You may think, but wait, it's black and white. But in fact, the tone is created through color grading, the contrast between shadows and highlights. For special effects we were asked to digitally remove a boom pole from a reflection in the window, we motion tracked the dolly shot and removed it completely.

An extremely professional and enjoyable experience working with Shades Studios. The quality of the work and the technical knowledge behind all of it was some of the best I’ve worked with in my experience. I would highly recommend working with Mr. Fraunberger, and will most definitely be contacting his company upon the completion of my next film.
— Marcus Oleary