Who we are

Shades is a full service Digital Agency and Video Production Company providing premium digital content creation, advertising, and marketing. We are a company that breaks down the divider of media creation and advertising. We grow your business by bringing you new customers and retaining those customers.



What is a digital agency?

The short answer is everything. A digital agency is a company that formed from the advent of the digital age. We focus on creating your content and marketing it. Digital Agencies are the modern solution to building, promoting, and expanding your business. We build the platforms to display your company such as websites and apps. We develop the content to show your company through videos and interactive media. We promote your company by getting your platforms and content in-front of highly targeted leads.

Why do we focus so strongly on video?

Customers are on average 64% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video. Video is the most effective form of explaining and promoting your product or service in the digital age. 

Ready for more customers?