Shades provides Video Production and Digital Agency Services. We're located in Princeton, New Jersey.

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We Specialize in Video for Business

We specialize in video production for businesses. Utilizing state of the art equipment, professional crews, and gallons of coffee, we deliver top notch videos with speed and efficiency.

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A message from CEO and President, David Fraunberger.


Video is my passion, it started with seeing Indiana Jones narrowly escape a boulder.

That wide-eyed childish excitement has never left me. I've surrounded myself with individuals who share my passion. I don't buy the best cameras and lights to be competitive. I do it because I love the feeling of holding it, using it, and delivering the best content I can. The experience, knowledge, and work ethic I carry goes back to childhood, stayed with me through film school, and lives inside me to this day. When I get a phone call asking me to produce a project, I'm excited just to be filming something, doing what I was born to do. 

I'd love to share that passion with you and so would my team.

                  - David Fraunberger, President of Shades Digital Agency




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