Types of questions your business should answer during corporate business video interviews

Questions To Ask In Video Interviews That Make Your Brand Valuable


Asking the right questions in a company profile video can make or break your production.

Documentary videos are among the best and most popular commercial videos. They allow your company to show itself in an honest and true light.

Think of documentary style commercials as the anti-infomercial. They never come off cheesy, they flow and seem organic, they develop a connection between you and the lead. This connection allows them to trust you during the buying process.

Let’s talk about some of the best questions you can ask in an interview in a documentary style business video.

Cover the W’s, especially “Why”

Why did you start your business?

Why did you decide to do this job?

Why did you create this product?

Why will this benefit buyers?


Don’t ask yes or no questions

There’s nothing that will kill the vibe of an interview video faster than seeing someone repeatedly reply yes or no. There’s no engagement with that and the interviewee will never get excited about their answer.  


Let’s use the following question as an example. “Would you buy your product as a customer?”


A simple yes here would be quite boring. Let’s use the magic trick above and a “why” before the question.


“Why would you buy your product?”


You’ll immediately have the interviewee elaborating on the question without ever having to ask them to expand.


Get the interviewee emotional by asking about feelings

Stats and numbers are great, they show the value of the product. If facts are simply listed in a non-emotional way they can also put viewers to sleep.


Asking the interview subject about their feelings on a topic will allow them to showcase emotions and build trust with the viewer. Nobody wants to do business with a fact spewing robot! Connect with feelings!


If we’re talking about a new ground breaking CRM system, instead of asking “Why is this CRM system groundbreaking?”, try asking, “How do you feel about the CRM system being groundbreaking?”


By asking this instead you will open up the subject to talking about their feelings on the matter, and of course, they will include facts on the matter, but they will be presented in an exciting way with emotion behind them. Not recited by a fact reading machine.


Get the subject to recite a story about a topic related to the interview

Getting interviewees to tell your stories works wonders to humanize your business and connect with your audience. I once asked a client to “Tell me a story where you really helped someone on a personal level”. The client was an accountant and he recited a story about one of his first clients who was struggling to survive as a business. This accountant stepped in and saved the business. Now, the business in thriving.


I heard real human emotion hearing this story, a genuine feeling of concern this accountant has for his clients.


Another example was a real estate agent who had a client who was ill. She needed to sell her house immediately so she could afford to pay her bills. The real estate agent took the heavy lifting away and allowed her client to take care of her illness. The house was sold within weeks.


Emotions in video connect, ask questions that elicit emotions.

Always keep that in mind and you’ll be creating great corporate interview videos in no time! Now get out there and make some amazing interviews! Or, feel free to hire us, we’re experts in the matter.