Choosing a Video Production Company


New Jersey is full of production companies. Choosing which one is right for you is a crucial step in ensuring success. The following outlines the key qualities you should be looking for.

1. Experience. The last thing you need is a camera operator showing up to set with no idea how to turn a camera on!

2. Diversity. A good video production company will have wide array of work, from commercials, film, music videos and the corporate sector. 

3. Sound! What's video without quality sound! Listen to the video!

4. Visual Quality. Look at the videos! If they are shooting 4k or even 6k raw and have the knowledge to encode video at a high quality... You will be able to see it.

5. Equipment. Do they own or rent. If they own equipment rather then rent they will be able to charge you less! Is the equipment up do date, is the camera new or old. Google is your friend, and if they are using a camera under $5,000 they are not professionals.

david fraunbergerComment