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We build sales funnels to gain you customers using video.

Video is the most effective tool for gaining new clients through digital marketing. But, if you don’t know how to utilize it in building a sales funnel, the power is lost. We create targeted ads to focus in on potential clients that are actively looking to buy your product or service. We don’t simply spam your video across the internet and social media feeds hoping a potential customer sees it. We hyper target those actively looking to buy your service. Lets take a look at how we use the latest in digital marketing to gain you clients.


Our Digital Marketing Platforms

Every business has a unique customer base, just like every digital marketing campaign we build is customized for your business. Below are some of the most common and effective platforms and sales funnels we use for customer acquisition with video.


Website & Landing Page Development

Video needs a home. Video is used to direct traffic, guiding a potential lead to becoming a customer. We create websites and landing pages that are built to convert. Simply by including a video on your websites and landing pages, customers are 64% more likely to convert. We guide these potential leads using industry standard and groundbreaking techniques. Take this very page your viewing now as an example. It’s a landing page set apart from our main website, it’s goal being to show you the value of our video service and why you should choose to work with us.

Website visitors spend 88% more time on websites with videos. With Google’s SERP algorithm favoring pages with longer views this helps ranking higher organically on Google searches.

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Google Ads PPC

Google Ads remains one of, if not the most powerful form of customer acquisition using video.

We can target local or globally, by age and demographic, people that are actively searching to buy from you. We simultaneously exclude those who are not qualified to ensure those clicking on your ads will buy, saving you money in the process. Our Google Ads campaigns are successful because of the tailored nature and hyper targeting we provide to make sure your ad spend is capturing qualified leads. Everything from the time we show your ads to mobile and desktop optimization is designed to bring you a maximum ROI. Google Ads delivers great results for both B2B and B2C marketing.

Facebook & Instagram

Video has been proven to be the most powerful form of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. They both offer wonderful tools for immediately displaying video to a potential lead. We can capture information directly inside Facebook or send the viewer to a landing page to follow up with more information or complete a sale. These two platforms can work in tandem with Google Ads. We target consumers on Facebook using re-targeting to show ads again to those who showed interest but didn’t buy immediately. Facebook and Instagram excel at B2C marketing.

Custom Platforms

Many industry specific platforms exist and can offer great ROI. Not every industry has a custom platform or a custom platform worth utilizing, but it’s a common solution to getting your company and video in front of consumers that are actively looking to buy.


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