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Training Videos

Increase staff efficiency and lower costs of training utilizing video

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Take a look at some examples of Training Videos we’ve produced. 


Benefits of using Training Videos for your business.

1. Training Videos reduce costs
Corporate training is expensive and time consuming. Video training drastically reduces the planning and organization of in-person training. It eliminates the physical cost of of a location. Corporate video can be used for product training, company announcements, and on-boarding. Employees can access the training and course content from anywhere. Whether they are at home, the office, or another remote location, all they need is access to the video.

2. It accommodates different learning styles
Traditional workplace training once included a manual of notes. That’s great if you learning by reading, but what if you don’t? As you’ve likely discovered, not all employees learn the same way. It is said that people remember only 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they read, and 80% of what they see. Sure video is primarily visual, but it actually incorporates a variety of learning styles. This includes aural, visual, read/write, and kinesthetic. Video also helps participants learn at their own pace with the opportunity to rewatch anything they may have missed.

3. It keeps employees engaged
A report by Nielsen shows that 44% of all web video is viewed at work, so why not take advantage of this? Video engages and motivates employees in a way that text-based communication can’t. When employees have access to training videos, they can view the content at their own pace, and at their own time, and on their own device–which often includes mobile. Video also provides that human element, making participants feel as though they are personally mentored.

4. It reduces travel
Who wants to be on the road ALL the time? One of the biggest benefits of corporate video training is the reduction of travel. By investing in video training you are eliminating plane travel and time away from the office. Having video at your fingertips can also help connect your trainees to subject matter experts around the world without having to bring in experts. This not only reduces the costs, but also eliminates the headache of arranging travel. This is useful not just for employee training but when arranging product training in multiple branches and locations.

5. It provides insight
Most enterprise video platforms include a wide variety of  analytics that help you understand your participants in depth. You can easily track attendance and engagement levels so you know immediately which course components are easy to understand for attendees and which are more difficult.  You can also track course completion, helping you gauge immediately who has received training and who hasn’t.