Shades provides Video Production and Digital Agency Services. We're located in Princeton, New Jersey.
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Search Engine Marketing

Be discovered on search engines with paid advertising.





We utilize various search engines to promote your business.


Google Adwords is the primary search engine we utilize for paid advertising.

With over 75% of the world using Google over Yahoo and Bing it's with good reason.

We build campaigns using text and display ads, develop landing pages and strong call to actions. As a digital agency we create an entire pipeline leading from that first click to the final sale. Our technicians offer analytics so you can see your exact ROI on your campaign. 


Yahoo Gemini and Bing Ads

Though we focus our SEM campaigns around Google Adwords due to the amount of users and the great success we have bringing in high ROIs for our clients, we do incorporate Yahoo Gemini and Bing ads into campaigns. One of the biggest benefits to using these platforms is a lower CPC due to less competition on bids. 




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