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Music and Advertising

Radio Head

Promoting sound












Radiohead needed to promote a competition.


We helped spike interest with this social media video.



We filmed in the desert mountains outside of Los Angeles.


The most memorable even of this shoot wasn't stumbling into a mountain lion den. The full story is quite scary, (feel free to ask about it) but now that's it over we all find it quite hilarious. All in a days work at Shades, but the most dangerous part of working here is not the mountain lions, it's Dave before he's had his coffee... Don't hate me Dave, you know you're not a morning person!

Besides the mountain lions, the shoot was great, the feeling of dread so imbued in the music is really present in the footage. Grain was digitally added to embellish a worn out feeling, along with the classic cigarette burns found on films in the past. These burns from back in the day were quite literally cigarette burns from editors accidentally ashing on the film. Film is flammable after all.    

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