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Know Yourself. Know your customer. Reach your customer.

Marketing is the backbone for all of our services. Before we reach your customer, we want to know who they are, where they go and how they think. Heck, we want to know how they like they're coffee. By knowing your customer, we can eliminate those who aren't. This allows us to focus time, energy, and resources on your target audience. Only once we know who your perspective customers are should we engage them.

What's the difference between marketing and advertising? You can ask fifty different professionals this question and get fifty different answers. It his however agreed upon that advertising is a subset of marketing. We categorize advertising as mostly paid forms of marketing, such as Google adwords, facebook ads, bing, trueview, broadcast television, etc. We cover advertising here, however visiting our advertising page will provide you with more detail on this.

Now that we've got that explained let's explore marketing.

















Market Research

Know your customers.

Market research is the first step in ensuring your business' success. Our goal is to understand your customer before funding and energy is spent reaching out to them. We want to discover who your main audience is. Once we know your customer, time, energy, and funding can be spent reaching that audience. It is the backbone in providing you with high ROI.











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Marketing Strategy

Plan for success.

We develop an extensive outline, including the platforms and mediums for marketing, your objective and message for each platform, and how each medium will be integrated. The main platforms we use for marketing are as follows.

  • Web
  • Email
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Events
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship

With the advent of the digital age we focus our marketing efforts on online mediums first and foremost. By doing this your customer will instantly be able to order your product or service. This is called active advertising. An example would be Google adwords, a consumer can see an ad for your product, click on that ad, and order it instantly. 

With online and active advertising we can also better target your audience. With options that let us target your demographic, no funds are wasted on consumers with no interest in your product.