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InivisaBlend wanted to re-brand an reinvent their company to a modernized state. We developed their website and multiple videos along with an advertising campaign relying strongly on video.


The goal with InvisaBlend was to present their company as the number one hair loss solution.


Competing with countless other companies offering different solutions, we helped them outrank the competitors using our SEO strategies. Landing pages were developed showcasing the product through three videos where a free trial was offered. A scheduler was put in place that allows clients to schedule their own appointments. Clients can also reschedule their appointments at anytime. This proactive approach has given wonderful results, the goal with any landing page is to convert. The benefits from allowing clientsto schedule themselves rather than simply filling out a contact form allowed an immediate conversion. It also saved InvisaBlend time from having to reach out to clients to book appointments had we just offered a contact form. This is a prime example of how active advertising can work amazingly. You don't want to just put your brand in front of the eyes of consumers...

You want the option to purchase or schedule your services to always be one click away.

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