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Gabriella DeMartino

Queen of makeup.













You could call the young millennial Gabriella DeMartino the Queen of Makeup with her 5,000,000 subscribers on YouTube.


Gabbi provides makeup tutorials and entertainment videos on YouTube to millions of young teenage girls. She runs a channel with her sister called Niki and Gabi which gives fans a direct insight into their lives.


Shades provided color correction, color grading, and special effects on the music video.


A pink color scheme was used to go along with the fun and playful style of the song. We altered the sky in every single shot to give a colorful twilight. When disaster struck and poor Gabi had a small burn from a curling iron, we came in and digitally removed the mark. Gabi was moving quite a bit, especially when dancing, this wasn't an easy task, but we pulled it off using motion tracking software and some clever lens flare placement. Gabi was happy with the look. The video has over 750,000 views all from organic traffic.

The project was a team effort with the production company Shadow and Sound, run by the Alex Nyman (cousin of Shades owner David Fraunberger, hi Alex!) and Sebastian Barbera.