Shades provides Video Production and Digital Agency Services. We're located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Featured Equipment

We own the best equipment in the industry. Check out some of our featured items.


Ursa 4.6k

Our pride and joy. The Ursa 4.6k is an Ultra HD digital cinema camera. By filming in Ultra HD we deliver videos 4 times the resolution of standard HD. This means sharper more cinematic videos for you. The Ursa 4.6k films RAW. This simply means more data inside the videos and more latitude to make adjustments in post-production and color grading. It delivers a gorgeous 15 stops of dynamic range. That means no blown out highlights or over exposed windows. The footage it delivers is realistic, cinematic, and stunning to see. 


Phantom 4k

Our Phantom 4k provides us with aerial video and stills. Taking to the skies lets us film new and captivating views.



The ronin is a stabalizer that allows us to perform complex camera moves. The stabilization eliminates shake you often see with handheld camera movements. It adds a look of professionalism to your videos. Hire a ronin operator, or watch a video to learn more.