Shades provides Video Production and Digital Agency Services. We're located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Content Creation

Designed for businesses, content creators, production companies, and media professionals.



















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Video Production

The best cameras, the best crew.

We film all our projects with our own Ursa 4.6k. One of the best cameras in the world. With a shooting resolution of 4608 x 2592, it films in a higher resolution than Ultra HD. With 15 stops of dynamic range blown out highlights are a thing of the past. Coupled with raw dng files, (the Ursa Mini's recording format) we are able to deliver cinematic digital video to you. Hire our video production service. 















Color Correction & Grading

Show your true colors.







Hear the difference.

We use top notch sound editing, mixing, and mastering programs to bring you the sound your production deserves. Our sound mastering program was so groundbreaking it earned an Emmy. 


We use Emmy award winning software to bring your sound to life.



Let's wrap it up.

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With your video and audio mastered, it's time to encode. We encode your master into compressed files, while still retaining all it's original quality. We're able to do this utilizing Sorenson Squeeze and Adobe Media Encoder.


Video Hosting

We'd love to have you.

With your final product completed and delivered, it's time to share your video with the world. We offer advertising free hosting to our clients. Get ready for the best part... We offer it for free. 

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We host your videos on the same server that we host our own. It's a small way to show our appreciation to our clients.

If you are not one of our clients and are looking for advertising free video hosting, click here.  


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