Shades provides Video Production and Digital Agency Services. We're located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Advertising Overview



We build entire sales funnels to target, track, acquire and retain customers.  We bring you qualified leads and maximize ROI on your advertising budget. Let's talk about how we do that.

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Let's get active.


Active advertising allows a consumer immediate access to your product or service. 

Passive advertising is at it's end. Passive advertising includes all forms of advertisement that leave the consumer without an immediate means to buy your product or service. We offer modern advertising solutions that target those most likely to buy your product or service and give them an immediate action to purchase from you.



We make

your brand





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We build your digital presence.

Let us expand your digital presence so prospects can see your business.  


A good analogy for digital presence is real estate. A digital world exists all around us. A world that can only be seen through phones, tablets, or whatever screen may be in front you. In this digital world sales often go to the service provider who is seen, not the best service provider.

Imagine you’re driving down a highway, it’s midnight and you’re starving. It's dark out, you see a massive giant neon sign flashing the words “The Best Darn Burgers in The World!”

You stop and eat there, unknowingly that Bob’s Burgers, located right across the street, has far superior burgers. You didn’t see Bob’s Burgers because they didn’t have the giant neon sign and it was dark out. 

Now let’s look at this in the digital world. Joe is looking on his phone for the best Italian Restaurant in New Jersey. If Joe is like 72% of internet users, he is looking through a Google platform. Though Mary’s Kitchen has better tasting food, Joe is going to Italian Delights, because that’s the first Italian restaurant he saw on his phone.


We gain clients for corporations all the way to startups




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